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Greetings from Santa Clotilde, Peru!

This is the end of week three in Santa Clotilde.  I have secured access to a laptop, found internet , work has settled into a routine, and I am no longer constantly distracted by a Macaw named Leo.  In short, I am ready to sit down and write.
For past readers of the Ethiopia and Central African Republic non-blog travel-blogs, I should begin by saying that this is not a Medecins Sans Frontieres project.  It is a missionary hospital, and I am working here for only a month, deep in the Amazon basin of northeastern Peru.   The story of how I ended up in Santa Clotilde is difficult to summarize, and involves a number of unusual opportunities and random connections that I pondered for considerable time last week as I sat on an earthen floor in the darkness, chewing on semi-rotten armadillo.  For now, suffice it to say that my path here was paved by a number of very inspirational people, and I hope to introduce you to them as time goes on.